Tidus, from Final Fantasy X, was initially going to be a plumber, according to Square Enix

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A new interview with the scriptwriter of Final Fantasy X, Kazushige Nojima, has revealed that Tidus originally he was destined to be a plumber.

As reported Siliconera, this interview comes from Famitsu Y features feedback from many key members of the Final Fantasy X staff, including Tetsuya Nomura, Motomu Toriyama, and Yoshinori Kitase. However, Nojima’s words are what reveal that Tidus and Mario could have had a lot more in common than you ever believed.

He began by sharing that a trip to Okinawa was one of the real world inspirations for Spira, the world where FFX and FFX-2 take place, and went on to say that Tidus’ original concept was to be a plumber, something that “It would serve as a reason for the characters to jump in and out of the water.”.

Obviously, this was discarded, and instead, Tidus became an athlete for “Set him apart from other Final Fantasy protagonists.”. However, the theme of water was still very much present, as Tidus was a star player of Blitzball and that fictional sport. develops completely underwater.

Nomura also revealed that the jumpsuit that Tidus wears is actually part of the original design when he was still meant to be a plumber, but his appearance was also modified to reflect his status as an athlete.

In another part of the interview, we discover that Auron was at one time a mute character, but this changed after he consolidated as the “Guardian” of Yuna and Tidus throughout history. Auron’s age also changed a lot in development, which is a common thing when building characters, and Nojima reflected on how Jecht’s script might have been different if he had been a father twenty years ago.

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Lastly, Nojiima confirmed that read crypto books during the development of FFX, which inspired the Al Bhed language which appears heavily in the game. In addition, he said that the version of the language that was incorporated into the game was very simpler than I imagined.

In other Final Fantasy X news, Toriyama, and Nomura recently shared the fact that Nojima already has a synopsis written for a possible Final Fantasy X-3, though “is sleeping now”. Toriyama himself said that “the probability is not zero”, but what “We are not in a phase where we can talk about it, unless we are done producing FF7 Remake. “.

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