Tierheim München: Animal mediation using Tinder

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In Munich, animals will soon be conveyed via Tinder, explained the Territory agency, which is responsible for implementation. The agency for brand content Territory will soon start an action with the Tierschutzverein München eV to mediate animals.

With the help of the dating app Tinder, a new home is to be found for some animals. The promotion, called “The Purrfect Match”, is scheduled to start on August 8th, International Cat Day.

15 individual profiles are created for each cat and dog, is what Territory says. For this, the animals should be professionally staged and photographed. Each profile should contain the name and a description. Territory people swipe for the animals and interested animal lovers can swipe as well.

When it comes to a match, a chatbot will lead the conversation. If it fits, the potential owners will be invited to the Munich animal shelter. After a phase of getting to know each other, decide whether the two are suitable for each other. The pro bono campaign will be accompanied by PR measures via social media from the Territory Office in Munich.


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