“Tierra Amarga”: the reasons why Züleyha is so successful in Spain

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The Turkish production that is sweeping each country that is broadcast is none other than “Bitter Land”, The telenovela that arrived in Spain on Antena 3, reaching high ratings peaks with almost two million viewers who faithfully tune in to the Ottoman program every afternoon.

Also known as Zuleyha, the drama premiered on July 4 and from that date it was positioned as one of the favorites for its moving story. The plot revolves around Yilmaz (Uğur Güneş) y Züleyha (Hilal Altınbilek), a young couple whose lives are changed forever by a tragedy. The fiction is set in the 70s and has a dramatic cut.

Due to being considered one of the best international blockbusters of the last decade, reaching more than 30 countries, many wonder why the success of the program. If you want to know what those five reasons are, keep reading.

“Bitter Land” It is one of the best Turkish productions. Approximately 500 people worked on its creation, to make its setting as realistic as possible in the 70s. To date it has three seasons, totaling 102 chapters and is preparing for the premiere of its next installment in September of this year.

Without a doubt, the work of the protagonists is vital for the success of a program. In that respect, the novel was perfect. Uğur Güneş y Hilal Altınbilek they left their souls on the recording set, by embodying a couple who must go through various tests in order to be together and in peace.

Fleeing from trouble, the bride and groom arrive in the lands of a wealthy tycoon named iron and his mother, Hunker. These people will have a lot of influence in the lives of the protagonists, since a love triangle will form that, added to blackmail, will not allow the young lovers a moment of tranquility.

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The main reason for the fury caused by the soap opera is its captivating story, where hope is the only thing that motivates its protagonists. Yilmaz and Züleyha they dream of the day when things return to normal, something that keeps the public on edge.

Not in vain hundreds of people participated in its production. “Bitter Land” It has perfectly captured the Turkey of the 70s and the quality of the costumes of its cast is no exception. Every detail has been very careful and the locations took place in different areas of Adana, Turkey.

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