TikTok accused of failing to protect the privacy of underage users

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There is no doubt that TikTok It is today the most popular and downloaded app. A popularity that makes it in the crosshairs of all those companies and organizations that ensure the security and privacy of users. Well, precisely for this reason, TikTok is being investigated, since it could be violating the privacy of users, precisely the smallest.

As we just met, the famous app is being investigated by the Irish Data Protection Commission regarding certain doubts when collecting data from users of the social network and the mandatory compliance with the RGPD, as well as the transfer of certain data to other countries.

TikTok accused of various dubious practices

In other words, we could say that TikTok is being investigated for its treatment of personal information of underage users, the measures used to verify that they have the minimum age to use the app and how this data collected from users could be sharing with some companies in the country of origin, China, or even with the government of Beijing itself.

Therefore, there are three different fronts that TikTok has open and on which it must clarify and demonstrate what it is doing and how it is doing it. The truth is that privacy is what worries the most on the Internet and in the use of these types of applications, even more so when we talk about the most popular and used social network in the world.

So far, TikTok’s response has been to confirm that the company’s goal is none other than guarantee maximum security to the entire user community and inform as clearly as possible what personal information they collect from them and how it is used. In addition, he added that they plan to introduce a new section within the app’s Privacy Policy starting next month. dedicated exclusively to teenagers.

There you will be able to watch videos that will explain the way in which TikTok collects information from users and how they use the data. In any case, the investigation is ongoing and they will have to answer all the doubts that exist regarding how to verify that someone is of the minimum age to use TikTok, the exact information that they are collecting from users and if there are certain data that is being provided to Chinese companies or even the government of the capital of the Asian country.


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