TikTok can ban you from using it faster with its new feature

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TikTok has gained a lot of presence on phones around the world, even on televisions with ads at sporting events. Its format has dazzled many, even its rivals who have copied its format such as Instagram Reels. But its expansion to the world means more work to moderate the content that is uploaded and this already implies the introduction of automated means. For this reason TikTok will release a new AI that can quickly ban you.

Faster account locks on TikTok

In the last year, going viral on TikTok and becoming famous with a trending video has become very fashionable. This is very difficult to achieve, although if you are a creative person you may get to do some. But the concern of many was the so-called ShadowBan or covert blocking, which is known for uploading videos of poor quality or that are not interesting for the social network. This assumes that the videos are not recommended and therefore it is ‘as if you do not exist’ on TikTok.

But this is not really a serious problem if we compare it to a violation of the TikTok rules. And here we already talk about serious things, so much so that the application itself has decided to implement a new algorithm with which it can quickly block a user. This is already done by other competitors in the segment in order to prevent users from feeling bad about the content they see on their screens that does not meet the application requirements.

According to the statements that SlashGear collects from Eric Han, Head of Security for TikTok in the United States, “Automation will be reserved for content categories, where our technology has the highest degree of precision, starting with violations of our policies regarding minor security, adult nudity and sexual activities, violent and graphic content, illegal activities and regulated goods.”

Be careful with the content you upload on TikTok

As we tell you, TikTok will install an AI that will put locks much faster than before. Once trained it will find all the content of the social network that does not meet its requirements and finally it will admonish the users who upload them. These infractions depend on the recidivism of the user and vary from 24, 48 or 72 hours to weeks. During this time only that person is prevented from uploading videos and commenting on others, but in the most extreme cases you can even lose count.


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