TikTok extends the limit of videos up to 10 minutes

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Since its appearance, TikTok has been a platform that has not stopped surprising the digital world with its growth. Starting from a simple function of short videos, the social network of Chinese origin has become one of the most used and downloaded applications in the world. These achievements have led him to rub shoulders with networks such as Instagram and Facebook, especially within the youth audience, which is his focus. In fact, in 2021 it was the most downloaded app in the world.

Based on this success, the short video platform has been improving its tools gradually, in order to take its competition to new terrain. An example of this is the extension of the duration of his videos, which began with 15 seconds, then climbed to 60 seconds, and arrived in July of last year at 3 minutes; thus becoming a more present competitor for platforms with longer video content.

TikTok takes the length of its videos to a new level by reaching 10 minutes

While reaching 3 minutes in length in its videos posed a great change from the initial concept of its TikTok platform, it did not stop at this point and has continued to expand this function. During the past year, after reaching the aforementioned limit, the Asian company was testing a longer duration for its videos, as we can see in the publication made by the social media consultant, Matt Navarra.

According to what Navarra explained, this new extension would reach up to 10 minutes, and in recent days TikTok has finally confirmed this fact. This new extension in videos can open a new series of opportunities for creators on the social network, especially to encourage creativity and dynamism within the platform. This update, which has already been launched, will reach all users of the app shortly.

Its format of short videos, although attractive, had fallen short in certain aspects, leading creators to opt for various strategies to register their videos in sequence. For example, you can find many videos divided into parts. This, at times, can become a complication for users who must explore the creators’ feed to be able to locate the different parts. Likewise, this new duration allows greater freedom for some of the growing trends within the app such as cooking, educational, and even comedy videos.

TikTok reinforces its catalog of tools against video platforms

On the other hand, beyond the creative freedom that this new duration can offer, it also opens the doors to new monetization opportunities. With longer videos, the insertion of advertising content can occur in a less invasive way than in the case of your shorter videos. In addition, this new step leads it to position itself more firmly within the ecosystem of video platforms.

Social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have sought to copy the recipe for TikTok’s success, with formats such as reels or shorts: short vertical videos. Meanwhile, the Asian app is developing and expanding into new spaces with the extension of its duration. In this way, in conjunction with its different tools and functions, TikTok reinforces its offer, providing its users with products of greater value or interest. Likewise, the new 10-minute duration has just been confirmed and is expected to be available globally in the coming weeks. For now, we just have to wait to see how the new function adapts to TikTok’s algorithm and its community.

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