How Old Is Danielle Cohn? Tiktok Star Danielle Cohn Age

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TikTok star and influencer Danielle Cohn has gotten a lot of fans since she first became famous on, but many of her fans still don’t know how old she is. Danielle Cohn’s big break came with, which came before TikTok.

Along the way, she gained many fans. Fans have been following Cohn’s journey, which has taken some wild turns as he has moved into YouTube content and the music business. Most fans still do not know how old Cohn is because the TikToker keeps it a secret.

How Did Danielle Cohn Become Famous?

In 2016, Danielle Cohn got a lot of attention for her lip-syncing videos on, the app that came before TikTok. At the time, she lived with her mother, Jennifer Archambault, and older brother in Orlando, Florida. She just thought the app was cool.

Cohn told Buzzfeed in 2018 that he did not like at first because it was kind of stupid. “But making videos wasn’t the point. I thought lip-syncing to the songs was cool, so I did it a lot.” Cohn became one of the most well known people on the app very quickly.

She has 18.5 million followers on TikTok, which took over for By October 2016, she was working with brands like Samsung, Six Flags, Target, and Live Nation and making a lot of money. In an interview with BuzzFeed, she said that her average sponsored video then made her between $400 and $500.

Cohn’s family moved from Florida to Los Angeles in March 2017 so that Cohn could work on his career full-time. Since then, Cohn has become a full-fledged influencer. As of October 8, 2020, she has 4.7 million Instagram followers, 1.82 million YouTube subscribers, and 150,000 Twitter followers.

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Once she had a big enough online following, Cohn did what any good influencer would do and tried her hand at being a singer. However, it didn’t do very well when she put out her first song, “Marilyn Monroe,” in 2017. “SHE’S SUCH A BAD SINGER!” is one of the most-liked comments on YouTube. Since then, Cohn has kept putting out music, but anyone who can hear it hates it just as much.

How Old Is Danielle Cohn?

Cohn has said for years that he was born on March 7, 2004. In 2020, Cohn celebrated her 16th birthday by posting a picture on Instagram in which she posed with a cake in the shape of the number 16. Around this time, Cohn’s father, Dustin Cohn, spoke out against his daughter’s claim that she was 16. In a long Facebook post, he said that he was tired of his daughter’s online content and that she was only 14.

After that, he posted a picture of her birth certificate, which shows that she was born on March 7, 2006. At the time, Cohn would have been 14 years old. A year later, Cohn posted a video on YouTube where she denied the online claims, including her father is that she was born in 2006. “I know what people think about my age, but they can think whatever they want,” she said.

At this time, Cohn’s age was a hot topic because she was dating Mikey Tue, a fellow TikToker whose age was not in question: he was 18. He would be an adult, and she would be a child. They broke up soon after 2020, but nobody knows how old Cohn is.

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Her mother, Jennifer Archambault, has stuck to Cohn’s claim that she was born in 2004, even though Cohn’s father has shown proof to the contrary. Cohn says she was born in 2004, making her 18 years old as of this writing. She has more than 25 million online followers, a brand for women called Feel Divine, music that you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Music, and paid partnerships that she promotes on all her platforms. Danielle Cohn works hard no matter how old she is.

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