TikTok Takes Gambling To The Next Level

When you think about the hugely popular TikTok platform, gambling is unlikely to be the first thing that springs to mind. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok’s video platform has been incredibly popular with young people and, marketers have increasingly been getting on board with the platform in order to tap into new audiences. While the most common content on TikTok is dance, pranks, fitness and sports, a number of gambling and betting companies are also discovering the benefits of the platform. 

It’s a screen

As TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity continues, we’ve started seeing some big hitters from the sports, betting and gambling industries appearing on the platform, with trending hashtags including #bets, #bettingtips, #sportsbook and more. The hashtag #gambling currently has a staggering 30 million followers. In fact, the platform’s success is such that even the NFL have a presence on TikTok, has launched a multi-year partnership with the platform in 2019. 

A safe bet for businesses

While a number of betting companies are using TikTok to promote their brands and attract customers, other users are joining the platform to offer betting tips and showcase their talent and experience. Users like Betting Biuddha attract followers by promising betting results through tips as well as offering useful inside information. 

Other betting companies enjoying the benefits of TikTok are BetFred, BR Betting and William Hill. Although there is a significant presence for betting companies on the platform, TikTok does not allow actual gambling advertisements and so, once again, content is king when it comes to this social media sensation. 

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TikTok provides an important platform for those within the gambling industry, however, companies need to remain mindful of the platform’s youthful audience in order to avoid problems. Across the world, there are a number of initiatives in place to warn against the dangers of addiction when it comes to gambling so, betting brands need to keep this in mind when putting together their content. Moreover, adults should also be aware of the dangers lurking around and choose casinos, like LV BET kazino online, that have all the necessary licences and information about where should one call if they have a gambling problem.

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