Tiktok Video: Baby Gender Disclosure Goes Wrong

By: Thomas Blade

Published on:

During the last years the parties of the revelation of gender have become popular since in many of occasions, they usually carry out very creative activities to know if the baby that is on the way will be a boy or a girl. The moment makes all the members of the family very happy.

Although many times everything is planned for days before, things may not go as expected to go. This happened to a couple who are about to be dads at their gender revelation party.

Both were in front of their family about to reveal the baby’s gender. Many usually reveal it with balloons, colored smoke, fireworks, and so on, but this time the couple decided to do it with a type of extinguisher that would throw colored smoke.

At the end of the countdown, both activated the extinguisher to reveal the baby’s gender, while everyone applauded and screamed with emotion. Everything was different on the part of the parents who stood motionless and did not party as they were expected to.

The bride and her partner were surprised because the color that came out of the extinguisher was pink when it should be blue. Despite the fact that many times in gender revelations only one person knows the color that should come out, this time it was different and the parents already knew that it would be a child.

It was because of this that both were surprised not to see the blue color, which was the one they had asked for. The fact generated endless comments as a mockery for the situation and the big mistake.

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