TikTok will block sponsored content related to investing and cryptocurrencies

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TikTok is a young but powerful platform where more than one has found their audience. Whether it is to tell his life or what he does, the Chinese app gives you space to post your videos of up to three minutes in length. But now everything is changing and a lot especially with what seems like a new way to silence certain content on the For you pages of all users. And it is that TikTok has begun to block sponsored content related to cryptocurrencies and investment services.

A measure against investment services

In recent years the world of cryptocurrencies has become popular, becoming one of the most requested investment points. Bitcoin continues to go through the roof and Ethereum continues to grow, but this information is not as interesting for investors as that given by market specialists. To give advice and news, many of these experts use platforms such as TikTok, which are taking action on the matter.

Specifically, TikTok has gotten serious and has started blocking sponsored content related to investment and cryptocurrencies. This movement by the firm is curious, but everything makes sense if we pay attention to its policy of use that every content creator must know before uploading a video to the eighth note platform.

Reading the content that we told you before, the company prohibits the promotion of weapons, alcohol and gambling. And it is that according to Financial Times The terms of service have been updated to add just the previous line with a single purpose: to stop sponsored content of investment in cryptocurrencies. And the detail is important, since all the videos that are uploaded will have no problem staying unless it is promotional content, which is where the problem lies.

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Goodbye to scams

Having TikTok dedicated to avoiding sponsored crypto content can be very helpful to users. In some cases, it can avoid fraudulent information and visits to sites of dubious origin in order to attract clueless users. In this way, content creators will also not generate income from this type of content as long as it is sponsored by a brand that, in general, is related to the world of investing. Just one last note, and that is to remind you that the Bank of Spain advises against investing in cryptocurrencies, although it will depend on you whether or not to launch yourself into this world.


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