TikTok will let you refuel content like Twitter does

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It is a fact that TikTok is dominating the social media market. There is hardly a phone that does not have it, and if not there will always be the Instagram Reels that are exactly the same. However, this does not stop the Chinese app since it is very clear that it cannot let its competitors take their share of the cake. But all the innovation does not have to do with the most original improvements, it also happens to see what it is interested in taking from its rivals such as is the new button to repost videos that you liked.

TikTok is made with the ‘retweets’

The Internet has shown us how powerful a tool is with which you can share things with anyone in the world. And yes, this is very generic, but there is little or very little that you cannot get by browsing the Internet. But above all, the exchange of information and even options thanks to the presence of social networks is very important.

And it is that here we could cite many of them in which to write a comment and put it for everyone to read it is the daily bread. The clearest example is Twitter, which is dedicated to just that, creating messages of up to 280 characters with photos and videos. But you will know that it has a good reach when the people who follow you interact with that content.

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Engrarl TikTok there are many forms of loo, and one of them will shortly be the function of repost. This function will be within the sharing options and is currently part of the functions in the testing phase. What he remembers at first is the retweet of Twitter, a function that publishes on your wall a message from someone you follow and that you have given because you found it interesting.

Until now, according to PhoneArenaThe only way to achieve this was by downloading the video, which involved dealing with the typical watermark left by the signature. However, the company should give this function a twist so that it does not appear so many times in the For you part and that the credit is transferred to the original user who has posted it.


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