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TikToker Breaks Down Over the Reality of Working First 9–5 Job

The world of work can be a difficult place at times, as one TikToker found after graduating college and getting her first job.

The reality of traveling into the city, working, and getting back late was all too much for Brielle, who goes by the username brielleybelly123 on the site.

Brielle recorded a video of herself in tears, reflecting on her experiences of beginning a new job after graduating.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “I know I’m probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like, my first 9-5 job after college.”

Brielle added: “I’m in person and I’m commuting in the city and it takes me f***ing forever to get there.”

Later in the video, she said: “I don’t have time to do anything. I want to shower, eat my dinner, go to sleep — I don’t have time or energy to cook my dinner either.”


im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

Speaking about her commute in the clip, Brielle said that she traveled more than an hour each way and left for work at 7am.

Her words sparked a big reaction in the comments section, with many sympathizing with her and calling for a four-day working week.

One viewer wrote: “The 40-hour work week is beyond outdated and your feelings are totally valid.”

Another said: “High school set us up for the 9-5 then college ruined it.”

One more wrote: “40-hour work week was designed with a homemaker to take care of house tasks. We need dual incomes now, so that’s not possible. No time for anything.”

“Gen Z need to collectively move up into management positions and then collectively enforce the 4-day work week,” a user commented.

One more seemed to sum up the collective verdict, saying: “Everyone feels like this and no one does anything about it.”

Source: indy100