TikToker teaches how to prepare “the largest snack in the world”: the result amazes more than one

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In TikTok we find any type of audiovisual content. For example, the Chinese platform just shared a video viral of an “ideal recipe” to prepare the “largest snack in the world”. Thousands of people in social networks they were surprised by the end result. “I would be happy enjoying all that”, they indicated from the internet.

A few weeks before Christmas, several families are planning to organize a “real pachanga”, where they seek to offer music, drinks and food. Therefore, the Mexican tiktoker Montegreen decided to teach his nearly 300,000 followers how to make a giant snack.

Through your account (), the young influencer explains that he first places cornmeal flavored with cheese, and then applies chips, nachos to pork rinds in a large metal tub. Then, shake the bucket to stir the ingredients, and then add a ball of peanuts.

To add a sweet touch to his ‘work of art’, the man adds tamarind, streamers, gummies enchiladas and spicy panditas. Finally, bathe the snack, which weighs approximately ten kilos, with a delicious hot sauce and chamoy.

“Now we are going to serve each other a liter. I said, let’s do something very manic, make it look abundant ”, he pointed Montegreen, who usually publishes curious recipes to prepare giant dishes like nachos and tacos.

The new “experiment” of the tiktoker unleashed all kinds of reactions on the internet. Most of the netizens showed their amazement upon seeing the final result. “I want one”; “I would be happy enjoying that”; “Perfect to end the year”; “All good until the gummies arrived. I like them but not combined with the rest “; were some of the comments.

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