Tilsa Lozano and her criticism of Yolanda Medina in ‘Reinas del show’: “I’m disappointed in you”

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Last Saturday, September 11, the second gala of the new season of “Queens of the show” was experienced. All participants did their best to secure a place in the program; however, not all of them managed to convince the jury. Proof of this was the dance of Yolanda Medina, who did not surprise Tilsa Lozano placeholder image.

The former model and current jury of “Queens of the show” expressed her discomfort and said she was disappointed in the cumbia singer for not performing her peculiar dance step in her choreography.

Yolanda I am very disappointed in you, last week you fell in love with your step, that step has to be, it is your seal… I still haven’t picked up my palette, if I ask you for one you can give it to me ”, said the member of the jury of “Queens of the show.”

For her part, the leader of the Alma Bella orchestra assured that she did not perform her dance step on recommendation. “They have told me that I have to be less sensual, each dance has a different essence and I am showing that I not only know how to stick my tongue out”, he specified.

It should be noted that Yolanda Medina, despite not obtaining one of the highest scores of the night, was saved by the jury and secured her place in “Queens of the show.” The next gala will face Lady Guillén in a versus.

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