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Tim McGraw Mourns Loss of Uncle Hank: ‘An Incredible Man’

Tim McGraw is mourning the loss of his beloved uncle, Henry “Hank” Thomas McGraw. The country singer shared a heartfelt tribute on social media, explaining the profound impact his uncle had on him and the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

“This weekend we lost the patriarch of the McGraw family,” McGraw wrote. “Our beloved ‘Uncle Hank.’ He was just an incredible man.”

McGraw continued, “He had a way of lighting up any room he walked into without trying. He was a no-bs, straight shooter. Honest and truthful, even if it hurt. A true renaissance man, All American high school athlete, 11 years professional baseball, played guitar, sang beautifully, was an incredible leather and bead craftsman, and more than that, he was a good friend to all who knew him, and he loved with an open heart.”

“Aw man, and he told the best stories! He was and continues to be a huge presence in the lives of our family and his friends. He was a legend and that legend will grow with each passing year in future generations of McGraws! We will keep his memories alive!! He loved, he was so very loved and he will be terribly missed,” McGraw added.

The “One Bad Habit” singer accompanied his tribute with two photos of his uncle. The first image, which almost resembles a painting, features Hank sitting at a table, leaning over as he reaches into his sweater pocket. In his other hand is a cigarette. The second photo is a baseball card of Hank McGraw from his time playing for the New York Mets.

McGraw also shared a pair of articles about Uncle Hank in his Instagram stories. One is an in-depth piece from the archives of Sports Illustrated about his professional baseball career in New York. The other is an article about Hank’s life and how he eventually settled down in Napa Valley, California.

Details about the cause of death for the McGraw patriarch have not been disclosed. Uncle Hank was the older brother of Tug McGraw, who is Tim McGraw’s biological father.

Source: Taste of Country, Sports Illustrated