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Tim Montana Announces Album Release Party in Montana

When successful Montanans give back to our state, it is something that should be appreciated. We have given a lot of credit to Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament for his continued support of the skateboarding community in Montana. There was a recent “soft opening” of the latest skatepark in Montana located in Arlee recently.

There is another Montana musician who is doing very well for himself these days and is going to be giving back. Tim Montana has announced plans for his debut album, “Savage”, release party, Friday July 12th at 8pm with a concert. The event will be taking place at his Wise River Club, which Tim co-owns with Billy Gibbons, of ZZ Top fame. According to Tim’s social media post the event will also be a fundraiser for the Wise River Volunteer Fire Department with donations taken at the door.

Tim Montana has teamed up with Billy Gibbons on more than just owning the Wise River Club. They have co-written songs together like, “This Beard Came Here To Party” and “Rust and Red”. The title track of Tim’s album “Savage” has reached number 17 on the “Billboard Main Stream Rock Chart”, according to Wikipedia. With the release of this debut rock album, Tim Montana may see an increase in demand for touring. He has toured with Seether, Staind, Bush, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains. He has chosen to kick off the world premiere of his album in Montana to have some fun and to give back at the same time.

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