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Timeline of Prince William and Rose Hanbury Affair Rumors

As the British press exercised caution following a legal warning from the palace, American outlets continued their candid discussions. Royal watcher and blogger Nicole Cliffe took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her extensive thoughts, sparking further rumors in the process. Although the original thread has since been removed, Cliffe compiled her observations on her Substack, “Nicole Knows,” suggesting that the British media’s persistent campaign against Meghan Markle might be a ploy to distract from Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

In her write-up, Cliffe speculated that the ongoing feud between Prince Harry and Prince William could be attributed to Harry’s dismay over his older brother’s actions. “Harry remembers what his father’s conduct did to his childhood, maybe Wills should as well,” she concluded.

Cliffe’s speculations aren’t isolated. The Times also jumped into the conversation, alleging that Prince William was orchestrating the negative press coverage surrounding Meghan. They claimed he had direct interactions with tabloids to ensure a continuous flow of unfavorable stories about the Duchess of Sussex, although, like Cliffe’s theories, there is no concrete evidence to support these allegations.

Source: X, Substack