Timmermans calls on the automotive industry to look to the future, not the past

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The Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the Green Deal, Frans Timmermans said today that to stop selling CO2-emitting cars in the EU by 2035 is the right path and called on industry and consumers to bet on the electric vehicle.

“If we keep looking in the rearview mirror, other continents will simply overtake us,” said the Dutch politician, who stressed that countries such as the United States and China are supporting “electric mobility and all the supply chains behind it” and called for the same effort in the EU.

In a column published today on the Euractiv portal, Timmermans was not in favor of looking for formulas to allow combustion engines from 2035 if they manage not to emit CO2 and opted for the electrification of mobility.

“They need an industry that builds on their past, not one that lives in it. They need an industry that thrives in Europe and exports to the world. We need to send zero-emission European cars to other continents” and “we should not export polluting vehicles that will simply shift emissions elsewhere,” he said.

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