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Tina Knowles Defends Blue Ivy From Envy-Fueled Critics

Tina Knowles is celebrating and defending her granddaughter. After Blue Ivy won the YoungStars Award at the 2024 BET Awards on Sunday, Tina took to Instagram to praise Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s 12-year-old daughter for her maturity and success.

“Congratulations my Blue Blue! I marvel at your talent, your beauty, your intelligence, but I am most proud of your kindness and down-to-earth attitude,” Tina wrote alongside a stunning shot of Blue. “Never attention-seeking, just cool and chill as a cucumber all the time.”

“Yesterday you played the piano for just me like someone who has been taking lessons for years. But you are self-taught,” she continued. “One day I hope you will let me post it and brag like other grandmas get to do. But for now, you made me swear to not share.”

Tina went on to gush over how Blue plays sports, is a talented artist, has great musical talent, and dances “like a pro in front of 80K people” during Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour.

The proud grandma continued by pointing out some of Blue’s many accomplishments, including narrating the children’s book Hair Love, voicing a character in the upcoming Lion King prequel Mufasa, and being a young GRAMMY winner—all before her teenage years!

“In spite of all the challenged adults who struggle with the green-eyed monster disease, in true Carter/Knowles/Beyincé tradition, it just motivates you to keep it moving,” Tina concluded. “Congratulations BIC, you deserve everything you work hard to get. Thank you BET for this honor.”

It’s not the first time Tina has addressed negativity directed at Blue. Back in May, Tina spoke out about critics of her granddaughter’s dance performance during “My Power” and “Black Parade” at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour.

“One of her friends came back and showed her some negative comments and it was a great life lesson because her mom basically said, ‘Listen, if you let this get you down, then they won. So you should go and work harder. And, you know, just work harder and get your skills together and go out there and blast it,'” Tina said during an appearance on Vogue‘s The Run Through podcast. “So it actually worked in Blue’s favor because she was only supposed to do it one time. But now her mom was, that mama bear was on to it. It was like, she was like, ‘You go out there and kill it,’ and she did. She just grew so much from that experience.”

Source: ET Online