Tinder lets you upload up to nine videos to your profile

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Many are already thinking about what happens on the 26th when they can go outside without the need for a mask. For many it will seem like a dream, but there are still groups of the population that have not even received their first dose of the vaccine. But this may not be a problem for all those who are looking for a special someone and want to stay with them. But first you have to find it and for eSo the new Tinder feature can help to add more videos to your profile.

More videos for your Tinder profile

Dating applications are increasingly present on the smartphones and computers of everyone who wants a date. No matter what you are looking for, it is very possible that you will find someone with whom at least to become friends and if not … well, there are always more possibilities. But for this it is necessary to upload your information or even about nine videos as Tinder already allows.

And it is that now it no longer works just to have a few Instagram photos on your profile, but you can record some small videos so that those who enter your profile hear you telling something about yourself. But this is not the only thing that the dating application has prepared for your profile if you are on it.

Hot Takes y Explorar

Yes, there are two extra novelties apart from the ability to upload more videos to your Tinder profile. The first one is Hot Takes, a quick and short function for two people to meet in seconds and decide whether to come or stay talking. The funny thing about this is that there is a schedule in which it is available and it will be from six in the afternoon until midnight from Monday to Friday. It is a function that makes it much faster and easier to talk and meet a person, although once the time has passed you have the option of liking or passing.

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The other function that is on the way is To explore. Yes, it may seem redundant, but it is a quick way to find people based on interests. This is very interesting, since it allows you to ‘fence’ the search by a single pattern that a person wants to focus on. Extreme sports, animal lovers and Hot Takes themselves will be in this showcase.


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