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Tini, Duki and MyA together: the networks exploded for the remix of 2:50

Tini Stoessel he knew how to reconvert his career very ingeniously. While she could have continued as an actress after the success of purple, the iconic children’s series by Disney, the 24-year-old artist preferred to go to the music side and she is doing incredible. On the other hand, Duki, is one of the most important exponents of trap in Argentina. So these two young music powers came together to make a remix that is already blowing up social media.

Of course, the group accompanied them MyA, formed by Agustín Bernasconi and Maxi Espíndola, because the song in question is theirs and is called 2:50. The video clip already has more than half a million views on Youtube, something truly incredible. So much so that fans could not not express their excitement on Twitter.

2:50 Remix, the theme of Duki, Tini and MyA is all the rage on the networks

2:50 It is a topic that is originally from MyA. But some time ago they had the possibility to record a Remix with Duki and Tini and they did not hesitate for a single second. The song was released just 8 months ago and has 17 million views on YouTube. Unlike the remix, it is a slow ballad with the typical rhythm and chords of reggaeton.

The collaboration they did with the singers is very catchy and perfect for dancing. Maybe that’s why fans didn’t stop praising the steps he presented Duki in the video clip. “The little step that duki pulls is superior, amen to duki’s little step”, “Tini, Duki and MyA dancing together, the best part of the video clip”users expressed on Twitter.

This one big leap for the duo MyA that comes with their music is rise from their previous collaboration with the band. Ha*Ash. On the other hand, Duki joined the NBA Latin America in a series of shorts to talk about his passion for basketball. Also, a month ago, Tini also released her song Lie to Me and that already has more than 90 million visits.

Being one of the most listened to artists in Argentina, it was impossible that this recent release was not commented on by netizens.

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