Tini Stoessel told about her relationship with Sebastián Yatra, after Montaner’s tweet and the photos in Miami

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Tini Stoessel Y Sebastian Yatra they met again after a year. In May 2020, they announced their separation through social networks and both were convinced that they owed a face-to-face talk, which took place two weeks ago. Rumors about a reconciliation appeared from the hand of Ricardo Montaner, who said they were dating again after a follower asked him on Twitter.

Hours later, the musicians met at a party in Miami and someone did not take long to portray them. Now it was she who, after so much uncertainty from her fans, revealed what the bond they maintain is like.

Without confirming the reconciliation, the interpreter of “Lie to me” assured that they get along very well. “I like having a good relationship with someone who meant so much to me. All the people who have passed through my life taught me something and I will always thank them ”, he managed to say in dialogue with Hi! Argentina.

The ex Violetta He also acknowledged that after his last album he took time to reconnect with a lot of things that had happened to him, such as the break with Sebastián Yatra, which was marked by several rumors of infidelity on the part of the musician, who was linked with Danna Paola.

“Hello .. we wanted to tell you that with Sebastián we decided to end the relationship. We live beautiful moments, but sometimes things do not happen as one imagines them … Today we feel that this is the best decision for both of us and always all the beautiful memories will remain in our hearts. Thank you for giving us so much love, we love you very much ”, were the words with which Martina announced the end of her love story on May 16, 2020.

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It was two months later that Yatra explained in a note with Univision the reasons for his estrangement from Stoessel. “It was not an easy moment and it has not been. Obviously we continue to love each other and I will always want the best for her, we will always respect each other, we will have great affection for each other, but we make a decision so that each one does what comes from the heart to the fullest “he began by saying.

Then he pointed out that their courtship was “one of the greatest blessings he had”, but that there was something that did not allow them to advance: “Although we have very similar careers, our life or long-term goals sometimes go down different paths ”.

The interpreter insisted that the separation it was not a failure and that they can hardly meet to close the story in a more adult way, since the quarantine forced them to do so by phone.

“I only wish that she and her heart are very well, also her family, and that she maintains that smile and those great illusions. She is a girl who has a spectacular future and present, and all the reasons to be happy at all times ”, he concluded.

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