Tip $ 4,800 at a restaurant after a previous customer refused to do so

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At the beginning of August a user of Twitter identified as Enrique Moris did viral your account in a restaurant in the exclusive resort of Marbella, in Spain, complaining that the waiters had asked him for a tip despite having consumed 4,098 euros (4,833 dollars) in his visit, of which 372 euros (438 dollars) corresponded to the service of the establishment.

The account and the unique claim of the client reached the ears of a businessman named Raúl Castañeda, who took the trouble to relocate from Barcelona to Marbella to reserve the same table, 17, with six more people in the same restaurant on August 22.

When it was time to pay, Castañeda wanted to have a detail with the waiters of the Marbella restaurant leaving a tip of more than 4,000 euros ($ 4,800), which included not only his own tip for the dinner he had enjoyed but also that of the other customer who refused to leave.

In total, he tipped 4,098 euros, bringing the bill to a generous 8,179 euros ($ 9,647), calculating that “Taking into account that the establishment has about 15 waiters, each one took home that extra night, just from that table, about 270 euros “, he explained.

Castañeda did not hesitate to teach a lesson to the previous client who had complained about the tip from the waiters: “The same amount that you presumed to pay for a meal I do it leaving a tip to the same waiters (with) you pissed off (by the way, very good service) “, sentenced.

The businessman thus wanted to have a detail with the waiters of the restaurant, under the hashtag “respect for the waiters”, asking respect for the employees in this sector who are only trying to do their job.

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