Titanic: The Real Character Scenes That Were Removed And Why

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The events that have taken place throughout history have always been marked by some audiovisual production. Is that hundreds of films they were based on real life and they worked so that each generation knows about those moments that shocked the world. The best example to describe it is Titanic, the film directed by James Cameron that narrates -through a love story- the sinking of the ship that went from England until USA in 1912.

Titanic, released in 1997, has a large number of deleted scenes (IMDb).

While the main characters, played by Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, are fictional, the truth is that a few roles that appear in the film are representations of real people who went through that unforgettable moment. The captain of the ship, the designer of the Titanic and even first class passengers were honored in the film. And while the plot was embellished to make it as interesting and engaging as it was, the director tried to respect everything that originally happened as much as possible.

Between the deleted scenes who did not see the light, a story caught our attention: a chinese passenger clung to a board, just like they did Jack y Rose, managing to survive the tragedy. But who is the man who was saved from the sinking and the completely freezing water? It was not a random extra, but it was an actor playing Fang Lang, one of the six survivors from China.

Six Chinese passengers survived the sinking of the Titanic

That deleted scene shows how the passenger is rescued by a boat, however, the scene was deleted. It’s unclear why it happened, but that decision wasn’t in vain either. After years of investigation, it was learned that in total they were six the men from China who could get out of this shipwreck alive. Although the torture for them continued: when they arrived in New York, they were driven out because the entry of immigrants from the Asian country was prohibited in the United States. Finally, they were sent to Cuba and then returned to the United Kingdom, the place from which they had departed.

The anecdotes surrounding the Titanic seem to never end. But this one, which also involves the racism and the little containment after a traumatic event was very particular for the Asian community. This year, Arthur Jones and Steven Schwankert they released a documentary called The Six. With James Cameron himself as executive producer, the project seeks to expose the discrimination suffered by the six passengers on the ship and bring this movie story closer to reality.


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