Titans season 3 will come with surprises to HBO Max

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The series based on the group of heroes Teen Titans tells the story of these young men with powers who must learn to work together as they face villains and are led by Nightwing. The show was to return to the screen in 2020, but the crisis of the COVID-19 altered production plans and finally will hit HBO Max in August of this year. Fans can be happy: everything indicates that the show renewed for a fourth season

What’s new in the third season? Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, will be an inmate of the Arkham Asylum who will offer his services as a psychological profiler to the police department. Will also debut Barbara Gordon, the ex-Batgirl who was incapacitated by him Joker and now he runs the Gotham City Police Department.

What to expect from Titans season 3?

Another character coming to the show, according to Variety, is Tim Drake, a “cunning child who has managed to grow up on the most difficult streets without losing his unalterable faith in heroism” Recall that Drake in graphic novels is the third robin, after Jason Todd. Jay Lycurgo brings the young man to life and draws attention that he will also participate in the film The Batman, starring Robert pattinson.

An important plot element in the next installments of the series will be the descent into madness of Jason Todd. The young man will become Red Hood and he will face his ex-team with whom he ended badly. In the graphic novels Jason is killed by the Joker, resurrected and subsequently takes the identity of Red Hood with savage methods to enforce justice.

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The beginning of the next season will review in detail the relationship of Hawk y Dove after they finished. A confrontation between Kory and her sister Blackfire that came to Earth at the end of the previous season.

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