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TNT Sports Strengthens truTV Primetime Programming Block

TNT Sports Strengthens truTV Primetime Programming Block

The transformation of truTV’s primetime lineup to include more sports content is set to intensify and become more comprehensive in the upcoming months.

On Tuesday, TNT Sports announced that truTV’s focus on primetime sports programming will be “even more pronounced and consistent” this fall.

This shift towards sports content in primetime on truTV began in March.

In October, TNT Sports content will feature “branding and graphics dynamically integrated into the network’s primetime programming lineup.”

“We’re very pleased with the early launch of the TNT Sports programming block on truTV and will expand our commitment to bolstering the dedicated primetime sports lineup this Fall,” said Craig Barry, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer of TNT Sports. “Just as Adult Swim takes over for a different audience at night from Cartoon Network, we aspire for TNT Sports on truTV to be a go-to destination for a dynamic range of fans seeking not only more premium sports, but also alternate ways to experience and enjoy them, along with additional culturally relevant and entertaining sports content.”

The featured content will include existing TNT Sports properties such as MLB, NBA, and NHL games, U.S. Soccer matches, MotoGP races, Bellator events, and Mountain West football games, which were just announced last week.

The content on truTV will also comprise daily shows like TNT Sports Tonight and The Line, along with movies, documentaries, scripted series, and unscripted shows such as Wipeout.

Next year, content from new properties like NASCAR, Roland Garros, and the Big East will be integrated into the block.

Following the announcement earlier this year, it makes sense for TNT to intensify its efforts and continue to build up the lineup as we approach the busiest part of the sports calendar. Broadcasting some of this content on truTV allows events that would usually be behind a paywall on a streaming service to receive additional exposure on a linear network, significantly increasing its reach.

The efforts and strategy to fortify truTV’s primetime sports programming block highlight TNT Sports’ commitment to bringing a diverse array of sports content to a wider audience, enabling more fans to engage with different types of sports in various formats.

Source: Awful Announcing