To stop the Omicron variant, the US will require travelers to take a negative test carried out one day before the flight

To stop the Omicron variant, the US will require travelers to take a negative test carried out one day before the flight

America will demand From next monday to all travelers who move to their territory who present a negative coronavirus test performed in the 24 hours prior to your flight. The measure seeks to stop a possible spread of the new Covid-19 Omicron variant, whose first case in the US was detected this Wednesday.

It is one of the nine measures that the president will announce this Thursday Joe Biden, within its winter plan against the coronavirus. It will be during a visit to the National Institute of Health, outside of Washington.

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Until now, the United States required pre-departure coronavirus testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated air travelers, but was stricter for those who have not received the inoculations. In fact, those not vaccinated had to present a negative test in the 24 hours prior to the flight, while those vaccinated had to do the same but in the previous 72 hours.

“This stricter time frame for all travelers provides an additional degree of public health protection as scientists continue to evaluate the omicron variant,” an anonymous White House source told local media.

What are the measures of Biden’s plan against COVID-19

For internal displacement, Biden will announce a extension of the mandatory use of chinstraps on airplanes, trains and other means of transport public until mid-March.

Biden’s plan includes measures to Boost Booster Vaccine Among All Adults with the creation of more vaccines, expand the number of inoculations in children; increase the access to free home testing and increase biosecurity measures in workplaces.

In addition, the Biden program will reinforce rapid response teams to help combat potential spikes and ensure the supply of Covid-19 treatment pills once they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), among others.

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The new measures seek to reassure Americans and show that Biden is doing everything in his power to prevent the pandemic from derailing America’s impressive economic recovery and the Christmas holidays.

The president and his advisers reiterated in recent days that there will be no return to mass closings.

What is the percentage of the vaccinated population in the US

But the government faces the fact that many Americans are not receptive to Biden’s calls for collective action to defeat the pandemic. In fact, about 40% of the population is not yet immunized completely, despite attempts to encourage vaccination.

And nearly 100 million people eligible for booster shots have yet to seize the chance.

Although the high official acknowledged that the new Omicron variant is “matter of concern” in the US, he asserted that “it is not a cause for panic.”

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“We have the tools we need to face this variant and to continue advancing in our fight against the virus. We are using them to keep the population safe, have our schools open and protect our economy, “he said.

In the United States, the country hardest hit by the pandemic with more than 780,000 deaths, almost 20% of its population also received the booster dose of available serums.

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