Tobey Maguire reveals what it felt like to re-dress as Spider-Man for ‘No Way Home’

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Tobey Maguire

Most 45-year-old men would consider it their worst nightmare to get into a tight spandex suit and be scrutinized by millions of people. This is what Tobey Maguire faced when he returned for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, and now he has admitted that dressing up as Spider-Man again after 15 years of absence wasn’t exactly easy.

Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland appeared at a panel discussion on Spider-Man’s official YouTube channel talking about how they felt about returning to these iconic characters, the production process, and their reflections on what it means to be “New York’s kind

About putting on the “Spidey” suit again, Maguire laughed and said:

“Well, once you go through the process of putting it on your body… it was awkward and then silly 😅. But it also has a kind of power because it gave me back that character. I feel so much affinity with him, it means so much to so many people, that once the silliness of being in lycra or spandex goes away, you feel like ‘Oh wow. This is great.’

“It’s a responsibility but a blessing, as something I can do and for which I’m grateful. Honestly, being with these guys has been a much, much richer experience than I expected or what I can put into words.”

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He continued:

“I know it’s not the question about the suit, but it’s just getting to be there with these guys in their suits. Whether it’s dancing or playing and improvising, or feeling that sense of mutual service and that the character is in the service of humanity, it really gives a certain perspective. … I felt very safe, like we were all on the same team and supporting each other, and that made me feel. … I don’t know how to express it other than as a really loving and fun creative experience.”

“I felt grateful every day, which is not always the case when you work on something, and it was not without its challenges, but everything unfolded in the necessary way. He also had a sense of destiny. I guess the suit was the front door.”

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As Maguire and Garfield could not attend the premiere of ‘No Way Home’ so as not to ruin the surprise, they put on some costumes and went to see it in public on the night of the premiere. Since then they have spoken of a “brotherhood” of Spideys, celebrating that the three share a very unique cinematic experience.

But it remains to be seen if any of them will put the suit back on. Holland has announced that he will take a break from acting, although it is assumed that he will return to the UCM at some point. Fans have demanded Garfield get another chance, and many point to Sony’s Venomverse needing a spider-man.

But most likely, Maguire is over. ‘No Way Home’ is a good culmination of the Raimiverso trilogy and a great ending to Tobey’s Spider-Man.

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