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Toby Keith's Daughter Shares Emotional Note on His 63rd Birthday

Toby Keith’s Daughter Shares Emotional Note on His 63rd Birthday

Toby Keith, a beloved music icon, would have turned 63 earlier this week. In his memory, his second daughter Krystal Keith shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. The 38-year-old posted a photo of Toby holding a card that read “keep smiling.” True to the words, Toby was seen smiling warmly, wearing a jersey, a white baseball hat, and sunglasses.

Krystal expressed how much she missed her late father “like crazy” and hoped he was having a sweet time in heaven. Her post received thousands of likes and numerous comments from followers who joined her in honoring Toby’s memory.

The comments on Krystal’s post were filled with lengthy, heartfelt messages. Fans complimented Toby’s unforgettable smile and lauded his remarkable talent. One commenter wrote, “What a great smile! I just wanted you to know we feel your pain and hope the healing process is happening. You will never stop missing him and loving him. Just wanted to let you know people care. Happy Heavenly Birthday to a real cowboy who did it his way…Toby Keith!”

Another fan assured Krystal that her dad is “playing sweet music in heaven” and expressed how much he is missed by his admirers. “We know he was one of the best all-time Country Artists & the best performers…He was definitely my favorite country singer. Sending Love, Thoughts & Prayers,” they commented. The outpouring of love and support surely warmed Krystal’s heart on that special day.
WILDHORSE CONCERT SERIES, Toby Keith, (aired August 3, 1994). ph: ©TNN / Courtesy Everett Collection

Krystal Keith was born in 1985 to Toby and his wife Tricia Lucus, who had previously adopted their eldest daughter, Shelley Covel. Following in her father’s musical footsteps, Krystal pursued a career in singing. She has performed with Toby on various occasions, their first collaboration being the 2004 release “Mockingbird.”

In 2013, Krystal released her debut album, Whiskey & Lace, featuring the song “Daddy Dance With Me,” dedicated to her father. She often reminisces about their performances together, frequently watching old footage to hear his voice again.

Krystal now has a family of her own with her husband, Andrew Sandubrae. The couple shares two adorable daughters, Kirby and Hensley. Krystal cherishes the support and love her father always showed, particularly during their tours and shared performances. These memories continue to bring her comfort and joy, even with Toby’s absence.

The lasting impact of Toby Keith’s music and personality remains evident through the heartfelt messages from his fans. As they, along with Krystal, remember his legacy, it’s clear that Toby’s spirit and influence continue to resonate.

Source: Particle News