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Today’s Free Fire Codes October 22, 2021; all free rewards

One more week, in Free Fire We have found a new batch of free daily rewards codes for redeem on the official Garena website with the aim of getting diamonds, skins, loot boxes, characters and else. Therefore, and as usual that we do daily, here we leave you with the codes for this Friday, October 22, in addition to reminding you of the method to redeem them on the official website of Garena.

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Free Fire: October 22 Reward Codes

  • FC6Y-H3KO-F9UY
  • AP7UWDVXHRW7: 1x M1014 – Cataclysm Weapon Loot Box and 1x Royal Weapon Voucher
  • FF10-VXKE-HCPD: Reindeer Express Skeleton Wizard Mask and Surfboard Loot Box
  • FF10-TD3C-CA4R: Spirit of Booyah (Mask) and Special Ops Loot Box
  • WHAH-XTEN-CKCM: 1x Winterlands Weapon Loot Box
  • FTMKYMJEX657: 1x Kpop Stardom Weapon Loot Box
  • 8NAR-H5K2-T6SP (Indian Server): 2 UMP Cataclysm Weapon Loot Boxes
  • FFES-P5M1-MVBN: Titanium Weapons Loot Box (Indonesia)
  • W4GP-FVK2-MR2C: Spikey Spine Weapon Loot Box (NA, US, and SAC)
  • VT2ZXFGPKXK6: Nether Weapon Loot Box
  • MCPB-KGXU-A5YU: Animated Beast Weapon Loot Box
  • 5ZMY-YPM7-P6YP: 1x Victory Wings Loot Box
  • 87JR-8K8A-KP64: 1x The Punishers Weapon Loot Box
  • MCPK-E62K-W5MX: Water Elemental Weapon Loot Box
  • FF10-617K-GUF9: Pink Guardian Top and Candy Bag (Backpack)
  • MCP3-WABQ-T43T: 2x Wild Hunter Weapon Loot Box
  • MCPP-U2ZG-BRKG: 2x Valentine’s Weapon Loot Box
  • WFGR-W9J7-CKJQ: 1x Large Loot Box of Loot Weapons
  • MCPG-PJ2A-9W9J: 2x Swallowtail Weapon Loot Box
  • GY52-RK7A-TA5R: 1x Hysteria Weapon Loot Box
  • 7TQ4-WXZK-5MP2: 1x Boxer Champion Weapons Loot Box
  • MCPW-SX5B-7RYG: 2x Carnival Carnage Weapon Loot Box
  • 9BYD-PUM5-WK6Z: 1x Punisher Weapon Loot Box
  • X59F-7V698-7MA: 1x MP40 New Years Weapon Loot Box
  • GH7N-3ZKC-FA7Q: 3 Ancient Weapon Loot
  • N366-CU6U-P95B: 5 Xtreme Adventure Weapon Loot Boxes
  • FF10-JA1Y-ZNYN: New Years Loot Box and Cool Captain (Shoes)
  • MSJX-8VM2-5B95: 1x Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Box
  • FH9R-GQVX-HRDV: Winterlands Weapon Loot Box
  • FF10-7NQ4-X9U3: Pumpkin Warrior (above) and 1 Star Soul Weapon Loot Box
  • MM5O-DFFD-CEEW: 3 Diamond Royale coupons

How to redeem Free Fire reward codes

  1. To start we must enter the Free Fire rewards site
  2. Next, we will have to log in with the account that we have registered with Free Fire, be it Facebook, VK, Google or Huawei ID.
  3. At that moment, a box will appear where we must change the code that we want to redeem and a confirmation screen should appear.
  4. Finally, we access the game on the device of our preference and there we can find the reward in question in the mail section, in the lobby.

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