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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

tokyo revengers season 2

Nobody anticipated the first season of Tokyo Revengers to finish in such a way. At the end of the first season, we experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. So, where do Takemichi Hanegaki and Hina go from here?

The anime series Tokyo Revengers, based on Ken Wakui’s manga, dominated the Spring 2021 anime season. It depicts the narrative of Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old loafer with no significant objectives, and what occurs when he discovers that his high-school sweetheart, Hina, was slain by gang violence. Nakamichi is transported back 12 years to when he was in high school when he shakes hands with Hina’s younger brother Naoto. As a result, the youngster can make amends for his unhappy life and the circumstances that led to his ex-death.

In April 2021, the first season, consisting of 24 episodes, began in Japan. Since the airing of the first season finale on September 19, 2021, fans have been asking a lot of pressing questions about Tokyo Revengers.

The debut of a Tokyo Revengers mobile game, which will be accessible on both Android and iOS devices, is also exciting news for fans. On the Tokyo Revengers’ official website, the team has also included a link to the game. Nakamichi, Ken, Sano, Baji, Hanemiya, and Kisaki will all return for Season 2 as it has been officially announced. Here is all you need to know about Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers:

Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘Tokyo Revengers’?

As of this writing, no formal statement has been made. However, things are looking well for Tokyo Revengers thus far. On MyAnimeList, the anime currently has an 8.24/10 rating.

It also has a successful manga series. The manga is currently “the third best-selling series in the first half of 2021, only behind ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ and ‘Jujutsu Kaisen,'” according to The Cinemaholic. ‘Tokyo Revengers’ has a better possibility of returning for a second season due to the success of both the anime and manga series.

There is no need to be concerned about source material. The manga, which began in 2017, is currently in progress.

When Will ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Season 2 Release? 

The first season’s production took just a few weeks. As a result, assuming the anime producers begin work on season 2 shortly, the anime might return as early as mid/late 2022. Of course, the exact timing will determine how quickly the second season is put into production.

Tokyo Revengers’ first season debuted on April 11, 2021, and ended on September 19, 2021.

How Many Tokyo Revengers Volumes Are There?

The Tokyo Revengers manga series has had 26 volumes released in Japan in February 2022. Today Revengers, a spoof manga written and drawn by Shinpei Funatsu, is also available.

What Characters Will Return In The Second Season Of The Anime?

Nakamichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old jobless man living a miserable life, is the primary character introduced at the start of “Tokyo Revengers.” However, the majority of the plot takes place when Takemichi is 14 and joins the Tokyo Manji Gang, often known as Toman. Manjiro Sano, better known by his nickname Mikey, is the gang’s leader. He is a 15-year-old who is typically followed and protected by his friend Draken, another crucial member of Toman.

Many members of Toman appear in the anime, but a few high-ranking lads play a significant part in the developing narrative. There is Chifuyu Matsuno, Women’s first division’s deputy captain; Keisuke Baji, the first division’s captain; Takashi Mitsuya, the second division’s captain; and other active members, including Atsushi Sendo, Makoto Suzuki, and Kazushi Yamagishi.

The Plot Of Tokyo Revengers Season 2

The first season adapted the first two-story arcs – the Moebius arc and the Valhalla arc – as previously stated. This implies that the Black Dragons, Tenjiku, and Final arc will all need to be adapted. The second season will adapt the “Christmas Showdown” arc as previously established. The following is a synopsis of the manga’s storyline.

When Takemichi returns to the present, he learns that the Tokyo Manji Gang has evolved into a large-scale criminal organisation, and Hinata and her companions are murdered once again. At the same time, Draken is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit.

When Takemichi returns in time, he discovers that Hakkai Shiba is forced to leave the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons on the orders of his abusive older brother, Taiju, the Black Dragons’ current leader. This event affects the Tokyo Manji Gang’s merger with the Black Dragons.

Mitsuya strikes a bargain with Taiju to enable Hakkai to reunite on the condition that Yuzuha, the Shiba brothers’ sister, ceases to work for the Black Dragons and that Taiju refrains from assaulting her. Nakamichi seeks assistance from the Tokyo Manji Gang, but they reject since breaching the pact would reflect poorly on Mitsuya.

However, he and Chifuyu grudgingly enlist the assistance of Kisaki and Hanma. They determine that Hakkai intends to kill Taiju on December 24, 2005, by working together. Nakamichi meets Taiju on December 24, only to learn that Kisaki and Hanma have betrayed and abandoned him.

Chifuyu, on the other hand, manages to flee and seeks Mitsuya’s assistance in beating Taiju. After unwittingly saving Taiju’s murder, Takemichi finds that Yuzuha had killed him in the previous timeline after being manipulated by Kisaki, forcing Hakkai to bear responsibility for her and be obliged to obey her orders.

Nakamichi persuades Hakkai to battle Taiju to rescue Yuzuha, and the Black Dragons have defeated thanks to the timely arrival of Mikey and Draken. The Tokyo Manji Gang absorbs the Black Dragons into their ranks. Mikey kicks Kisaki out of his gang after learning about his treason.

By the time Takemichi returns to the present, Kisaki has joined Tenjiku, which has absorbed the Tokyo Manji Gang and demoralised Mikey to murdering all of his buddies. Nakamichi and Naoto are gravely injured while investigating Tenjiku, and Takemichi goes back in time to save them both.

Hinata finally realises that the Takemichi she meets is from a dark future in which Kisaki’s manipulations murdered her and the rest of Takemichi’s pals. Nakamichi discovers that Tenjiku’s commander, Izana Kurokawa, is a distant cousin of the Sano and has a vengeance toward Mikey, particularly when Shinichiro proclaims Mikey to be the genuine leader of the Black Dragons.

Nakamichi secretly urges Kakucho to defend Izana from himself, and Kakucho finds it strange that Izana partners up with someone as untrustworthy and suspicious as Kisaki and Shuji Hanma. Nakamichi loses the captains’ backing before their combat on February 22, 2006, known as the “Kanto Incident,” when Mitsuya and Fourth Division Captain Nahoya Kawata are gravely wounded, and Fifth Division Captain Yasuhiro Muto joins Tenjiku.

Mikey and Draken are dejected as Izana instructs Kisaki to kill Mikey’s half-sister Emma. On the other hand, Nakamichi recruits the rest of the Tokyo Manji Gang to battle Tenjiku. Takemichi’s time-jumping abilities and his frantic quest to erase a fatal destiny created by Kisaki are finally revealed to Mikey and Draken by Hinata.

When Kakucho attempted to stop Izana from going too far for his selfish gain, Kisaki purposefully shot Kakucho in front of Izana, causing the Tenjiku leader to realise that, despite not being related to the Sano family, Kakucho is willing to sacrifice his life to save his only best friend and brother in arms, and reveal to Mikey that the Sano family adopted him.

Many of the five executives submit to him now that Tenjiku is no longer available. Both Kisaki and Hanma have been revealed as collaborators in orchestrating whole events just for the sake of the former’s selfish fixation with Hinata and to damage the lives of Takemichi and many others in the future.

Nakamichi finds Mikey isn’t there after congratulating Hayashida on her wedding. He subsequently discovers that he is the head of the violent Bonten gang. Nakamichi seeks Mikey to give him an invitation to his wedding a few days before his wedding to Hina, but Mikey shoots him point-blank.

Meanwhile, Inui notifies Draken that several Rokuhara Tandai members are on their way to murder Takemichi. Senju realises this and hurries Takemichi to defend him, but this one, knowing Senju is about to die, throws himself on her to rescue her, as one of Rokuhara starts shooting. Draken comes at that same time and saves Takemichi, Senju, and Rokuhara’s lives. Draken informs Takemichi that the assault was ordered by Rokuhara’s group owing to their notoriety and that the gang war would no longer be the same.

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