Tom Cruise, in trouble again: they delayed his next two movies

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The entire industry was affected by the pandemic that made the 2020 premieres had to be rescheduled. Only Christopher Nolan He wanted to take the risks and did the impossible so that Tenet saw the light last year. Now, although the rooms have returned to a certain normality, it still cannot be said that the problem was overcome and some launches had to be rescheduled once more. Among them, the next two films by Tom Cruise.

If there are actors who were particularly affected by the pandemic, they were Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig. In the case of the latter, it should be noted that No Time To Die it will be his farewell as James Bond and that he would only see himself next month, two years later than the date he had initially granted. For the protagonist of Minority Report also the headache is significant.

There are two great movies that are among the most anticipated: Mission Impossible 7 and the return of Top Gun, 35 years after its premiere, with the sequel Top Gun: Maverick. The one that was going to arrive first was the movie of Maverick, which was going to be seen during the week of Thanksgiving Day. Now it ran for May 27, 2022, the date that corresponded to the seventh film of Mission Impossible, which is now moved to September 30, 2022.

Rebecca Ferguson will once again accompany Tom Cruise in the film. (IMDb)

The report was unveiled by Deadline, where they explained that the rise in coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant they made the study Paramount Pictures believed that it could be a risk to release several tanks in adverse economic contexts. For this same reason, the idea of ​​simultaneous releases in cinemas and Paramount+ was discarded. Another of the movies that saw its original date changed was Jackass Forever, which was moved to February 4, 2022.

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Tom Cruise’s special training

Tom Cruise has special reasons for Mission Impossible 7 get out as soon as possible. One of the riskiest takes in the saga in which he plays Ethan Hunt for 25 years it took him a year to prepare. At least that’s how they confirmed it from The Hollywood Reporter, where they detailed how the sequence was made whose filming images went viral during 2020.

This is a shot in which Tom Cruise throw himself into the void on a motorcycle, and then deploy a parachute to ease his landing. During the CinemaCon It was revealed that over 12 months, the actor practiced 500 parachute jumps and 13,000 on a motorcycle, to be able to perfectly do the sequence filmed in Norway. “The only thing that scares me more is what we have planned for Mission Impossible 8, said Christopher McQuarrie, director of the film, in the preview that was seen at the convention.

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