Tom Cruise is mistaken for a Japanese man for a viral video on TikTok

Tom Cruise is mistaken for a Japanese man for a viral video on TikTok

It’s been a long time since Tom Cruise became one of the great Hollywood legends. With almost 60 years, the actor has been in the industry for several decades now, where he starred in some critical and commercial successes. Characterized as one of the best action artists, he has embodied unmatched films such as Top Gun and Mission Impossible, saga that began 25 years ago and continues today.

And even though time goes by Tom Cruise He continues to be one of the most loved and respected artists, despite the fact that some of his films do not reap the expected success. In fact, worldwide, he is one of the best-known performers in the film industry and, therefore, for more than one, it is difficult to confuse or compare him. But a video recently went viral in which many followers mistook him for a Japanese man.

Months ago, a TikTok account under the name @deeptomcruise became well known, which performs parodies with Cruise’s face. The name of the young man who manages this user is Christopher Ume and all the videos he publishes are made with the actor’s face. For this reason, one of the last audiovisuals that he published surprised more than one to the point that it seemed like Tom himself speaking in another language.

At, the young man dazzled with his knowledge of the Japanese language while he had the actor’s face. It should be noted that Ume has shared more than one video of this type and in more than one he makes Cruise not look very good, but the reality is that he always gets all the applause. This profile already has more than 3.3 million followers on TikTok and, in addition, it continues to grow.

Although the true identity of this content creator is not known, this deepfake catapulted him to international fame. In various parts of the world they are amused by his occurrences, although he has already clarified that he has no intention of bothering anyone with this. “I would like to show people the technical possibilities of these things“He said in an interview and later added:”I do not intend to use it in any way that it might upset someone, I just want to show you what is possible in a few years”.

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