Tom Ellis previewed details of the sixth season of Lucifer

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When it comes to the film industry, the story of the Devil was never out of the ordinary: tormented, bad, vindictive and, above all, dark. But nevertheless, Lucifer transmits the opposite since the most rebellious son of God puts aside evil and greed to show his family and friends that he is nothing more than a person in search of love.

So much so that, with this innovation, Lucifer It was unrivaled success on Netflix, and its protagonist Tom Ellis is now one of the best known and most proclaimed actors in the world. However, as everything begins, everything ends and, the series, is about to come to an end after five great editions that are already available on the platform.

Tom Ellis in his role as Lucifer. Photo: (Netflix)

It is still unknown when the streaming giant will add the sixth season of this fiction to its catalog, but many fans are already waiting anxiously for it. Is that, just as on May 28 part 5B of the story was released, a month later the production announced the end of the filming of the chapters that will close this drama.

So much so that, to the anxiety of many fans, Tom Ellis decided to give a preview of what is to come and, it went viral on the networks. Through an Instagram photograph, where the English actor is seen leaning on a DeLorean DMC-12 very much in the style Lucifer, wrote: “good things are coming”.

And, although he did not mention in his words that this postcard is behind the scenes of the filming of the sixth season of the series, he did so through the so-called hashtags. “sixth season”, “behind the scenes”, “Lucifer morningstar”He wrote in one of them.

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