Tom Ellis renewed contract with Netflix: is Lucifer still?

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After its cancellation on Fox, Netflix decided to bet and resurrect Lucifer, a series that brought him to Tom Ellis international fame. Exploiting his comical, sarcastic and irresistible side, the actor has triumphed with this strip since he arrived at the streaming giant. However, everything that begins ends and on September 10 the sixth and final season of the story will be released that follows the life of the most rebellious son of God.

Despite the wish of the fans, the entire cast of Lucifer He already said goodbye to fiction and he also did it Tom Ellis. With a post on Instagram full of sentimentality, he thanked the platform for having revived the series and making him meet again with “the best group of people”. Even so, beyond all, it seems that this is not the true ending.

While yes, Lucifer It will not be broadcast again and it seems that the last ten chapters will completely close the story with new surprises, it should be noted that Ellis already has a new project. Apparently, Netflix did not want to let him go and renewed the contract with the company to star, this time, in a new movie. Is about Players, a film that will allow fans to continue enjoying the actor’s comic side.

Tom Ellis is now ready to leave Lucifer behind. Photo: (@officialtomellis)

However, he will also explore his side as a true heartthrob since he will be the one who will make the protagonist fall in love. Along with Gina Rodríguez, the actress of Jane the Virgin, Tom will participate in this romantic comedy which has already started its recordings, but it does not have a confirmed release date yet. Although, given the filming times that the platform handles, it is likely that it will only be released next year.

What is Players about?

There is still no official synopsis, but from what the protagonists themselves explained, the film follows the life of Mack, a sports journalist who, over the years and thanks to the help of his friend Adam, achieved very effective tricks to conquer Boys. But, the problem with this is that he ends up falling in love with one of his objectives, in this case Ellis, and, therefore, he must decide if he wants to stay by his side by learning to recognize his feelings.

The photo that Gina Rodríguez shared on her Instagram.

The photo that Gina Rodríguez shared on her Instagram.

On the other hand, everything indicates that the setting will be in New York because a few days ago Rodríguez shared a postcard on Instagram with Tom Ellis. “Lucifer and Jane are in New York”He wrote as they were seen as close companions in what appears to be a hotel room that is probably a piece of the recording set.

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