Tom Ellis’s daughter appeared in Lucifer, but no one saw her

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At the end of May, fans of Lucifer they smiled again: Tom Ellis He returned with his team to the Netflix catalog to present season 5B of the series that catapulted him to international fame. With only eight episodes, the new edition became one of the most anticipated since, this is how the family of the most rebellious son of God was known, in full.

In the finale of the first part of the fifth season of Lucifer, God came to earth to pause a fight between the protagonist and his brothers, Amenadiel and Miguel. But, much in spite of his children, in the last released chapters, he decided to stay on earth and, this is how part of the celestial life began to mix with humanity, including Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

That is, the second volume, season five, in addition to having its dramatic, comic and romantic point as on every occasion, it also had a family side. So much so that the protagonist of the series could not avoid having members of his royal family on set. Beyond the fact that one of the chapters was dedicated to his beloved and adored grandfather, Ellis was also in the presence of his eldest daughter, Nora, during filming..

Is that, the 16-year-old girl who seems to want to follow the same career as her father appeared in more than one episode of season 5B and, from Spoiler, we show you the photos that prove it. Fruit of the love between Tom and Estelle Morgan, Nora is very popular on social networks despite her young age and, therefore, many fans noticed her presence in the season, since her face has already traveled the world after her father make it known.

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The images, posted by user lucifansmbf, show Nora in two chapters. The first in which it appears is in a simple image of a poster pasted in the police station that has the title of “wanted”. Then, the first-born of the British is one of the extras who appear sitting behind Chloe (Lauren German) at Dan’s wake, who, although he does not have any line, the position is strategic since being close to one of the protagonists is focused more than once.

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