Tom Ellis’s unknown passion that has nothing to do with acting

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There are many characters that were all the rage this year and, one of them, is Lucifer. With the premiere of its season 5B, the story of God’s most rebellious son once again became one of the most watched on Netflix and, therefore, the actor Tom Ellis It began to attract the attention of many fans who, thanks to the quarantine imposed due to the coronavirus, found this series to have a more enjoyable time.

However, Lucifer is about to come to an end. After five seasons, the complete cast finished filming the sixth more than a month ago and will soon be added to the platform’s catalog to give the final closure to this series that catapulted Tom Ellis to international fame after the failed passage he had on the television channel, Fox Channel in the United States.

So much so that, with the end of the strip that was so successful in the streaming giant, to the point that Nielsen considered it the most watched, the actors began to break new ground. And, for Ellis, it is the perfect opportunity to return to old passions that, because of acting, he had to put on hiatus. Born in England, this actor also perfected himself in music.

Besides being a singer, he was also part of a band, but there is a musical passion that was totally unknown. Is that, the star of Lucifer dazzles playing the French trumpet. This wind instrument can allow both soft and sweet sounds as rough and hard, something that this multifaceted artist manages to combine perfectly.

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What’s more, one of the first moments in which Tom Ellis showed his passion for the French trumpet was, neither more nor less, than in one of the Lucifer episodes. With his typical red robe and walking around his fantastic penthouse, the protagonist of the series plays a happy melody.


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