Tom Ford, the genius who fused design and sexuality

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Drafting Culture, Aug 26 (EFE) .- Tom Ford dreamed of being an actor and tried his luck as a model in advertising campaigns while studying architecture, however fashion crossed his path and he achieved success mixing sexuality, sensuality and design , an explosive cocktail that revolutionized fashion and its way of understanding it.

Since the 1970s, Tom Ford, who will turn 60 tomorrow, generated a new culture of fashion and revolutionized the way of understanding it with some notes of elegant sexuality.

Always impeccable, tanned, in a tailored black suit and a white shirt unbuttoned to the third button, the Texan, Tom Ford, who will turn 60 tomorrow, is an icon of the textile world and the author of “an explosive cocktail made up of sexuality, sensuality and design, well-defined ingredients that seduced everyone, “fashion expert Pepa Fernández reminds Efe.

He grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and at the age of 17, Tom Ford moved to New York with the idea of ​​studying architecture and interior design at the prestigious Parsons school, but his dream was acting, being an actor.

She did some modeling work and realized that architecture and fashion had a lot in common. With some of his projects, he showed up at the offices of Cathy Hardwick and came out with his first job in a fashion workshop.

The 80s began when he settled in Paris to work at the Chloé firm where he ordered cabinets and placed orders. A better contract with the Perry Ellis company brought him back to America.

His work there didn’t thrill him, so he packed his bags back to Europe. In 1990, one of the most exciting adventures of his life came to him: working for Gucci.

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He began by tidying up his ancient back room. Four years later he presented his first collection. In 1995, with Designs for Gucci, he rewrote the norms of fashion, while also bringing sparkle to the legendary Italian house with tight satin blouses, bold logos and evening gowns that recalled the best of Halston.

Pinstripe suits for men and women, tight-fitting shirts and a shiny letter G, by Gucci, are the elements that make up the unmistakable image he created for the Italian house with which he got the company to go over a value of 230 million from dollars to three trillion.

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