Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis discussed the possible crossover between Venom and Spider-Man

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Those responsible for the next film by Venom, the protagonist Tom Hardy and the director Andy Serkis, spoke again about the possibility of a crossover between the symbiote and Spider-Man. Andy Serkis He had already advanced his opinion about a probable clash between the iconic characters, while the interpreter made reference to the multiverse that would allow that long-awaited encounter by the fandom.

Asked about the possibility that Venom be the villain in that context or join the Sinister Six, the filmmaker replied: “All of those questions are the ones that we have not purposely focused on at this point. I don’t want to give any false information about things that might happen in the future. Obviously, at some point, those worlds are going to collide in a big way. “, were the words that Serkis chose to talk about the subject.

Fans want Spider-Man and Venom to face off at the theater

The director chose caution to refer to a matter that occupies the attention of the followers of both characters, but the idea of Serkis the thing is Venom Live other experiences before you hit the most famous wall climber in the entertainment world. They’re also waiting to see how the symbiote’s sequel performs at the box office, especially with the plus of the villain. Carnage in action.

For its part, Tom Hardy made reference to the meeting between Venom and Spider-Man commenting that you would like “take a bite“to the hero, but it would only be to Spider-Man because the “but” a Tom Holland. It seems that the interpreter shares the expectations of the fans about a possible fight between these rivals that have faced each other for so many years in the world of graphic novels.

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Tom Hardy he was sincere and recognized that from his point of view, in a privileged place with respect to the general public, it is necessary that the friendly neighbor be part of the world of the symbiote: “I don’t think you can make a story of Venom without knowing what Spider-Man is in the mix. It’s somewhere “, were the words of the talented actor who hopes to one day share the screen with Spidey.

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