Tom Hiddleston Says He’s a ‘Temporary Torchbearer’ in Loki

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Since his debut in the first Thor movie, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has become one of the most beloved characters in the entire MCU. His changing morality, going from villain to hero, and his undeniable charisma have led him to have his own show on Disney Plus. One of the most important since it lays the foundations of everything that will be the marvel multiverse (a concept that, see what has been seen, will be absolutely transcendental in the new saga).

But beyond plots, stories, and timelines, it is clear that much of the success of the God of Deception comes from the actor who plays him. Britain’s Tom Hiddleston is the perfect cast for this character. His presence, his affection for the character, and his extraordinary artistic talent have been fundamental pieces to make Loki the icon he is today. 

Tom Hiddleston believes there will be Loki beyond him

As usual in this time of awards and recognitions, all actors attend galas and events organized by different associations. This has been the case of Tom Hiddleston, who has attended a gala of the British association Royal Television Society. There has been held an entire panel dedicated to the Loki series where the actor has taken a leading part, and among the many interesting statements he has given, this one stands out above all:

I am a temporary torchbearer. I’ve always thought of it that way. He’s a great character. He is an archetype, the god of deception, the agent of chaos. I’m just here interpreting it for the time I’ve been given. Loki has been here for centuries and will continue to be here for more centuries and I am only embodying the silhouette for the time being.

With these statements, the actor once again reiterates his love for the character. A character that, remember, was not born in Marvel comics but comes from Norse mythology. The ancient Vikings, centuries ago, believed in him as a real god of the many who ruled their world from the kingdom of Asgard. Therefore, as Hiddleston states, his legend has always been here and will continue to be.

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Focusing specifically on the MCU character, it would be rare at this point to see another actor bringing him to life. How would you fit a change of performer into this character? Do you think we’ll see incarnations of Loki in the future other than Tom Hiddleston without counting his multiple variants?

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