Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield’s relationship: friendship, envy, or just colleagues?

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Next December 17 Marvel and Sony will premiere worldwide Spiderman: no way home. This film will be the last of Tom Holland as the exclusive protagonist playing this superhero. But, what is special about this film is that it brought Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield back to the spotlight. It is that, for months, there was speculation with a possible spiderverse combining the three eras of this character.

However, on more than one occasion, the three protagonists of this story flatly denied that this could happen. In fact, Tom Holland He assured that he, being Spider-Man, it is impossible that he has not found out about his participation at this point. However, fans are still looking forward to seeing the movie to confirm if this will indeed happen.

Even so, in the meantime, the actors do not stop giving interviews and recently who spoke was Andrew Garfield. In addition to once again denying their participation in Spiderman: no way home, the actor also talked about Holland. The interpreters never worked together, but they do have in common having shared the role of Peter Parker. That is why, many times they are asked what kind of relationship they have.

Andrew Garfield denied his involvement in Spiderman: No Way Home. Photo: (IMDB)

Friendship, envy, or just colleagues? That is the big question that runs when you link them to these two artists. And, although a few weeks ago Tom criticized some things about Andrew’s Spider-Man, everything indicates that there is a cordial bond between them. They are not friends, that is evident since they do not know each other, envy is not their strong suit, so much so that they are simply colleagues.

And, the great proof of this was the recent words that Garfield said about his successor. In an interview with Indian Express he stated: “Tom Holland is amazing. I am honestly very happy that they chose another British actor. And the truth is that I’m not bitter”. That is, for the protagonist of The Amazing Spider-ManSeeing his character in the skin of another actor was not synonymous with anger.

Andrew Garfield halagó el Spider-Man de Tom Holland. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Andrew Garfield halagó el Spider-Man de Tom Holland. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

I think he is very exciting, truthful and funny. The paper really couldn’t have fallen into better hands“, Hill Andrew Garfield. So much so that the cordiality between them is intact so now it only remains to be seen if they will work together in Spiderman: no way home.


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