Tom Holland and Zendaya reaffirm their love on social media with emojis

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During the filming of Spiderman: homecoming Tom Holland and Zendaya became great friends. It was this film, released in 2017, that made them cross their paths for the first time and, from there, the bond grew. He as the interpreter of Peter Parker and she as the great MJ spent many hours together to the point that their chemistry went beyond the screen.

That is why many Spider-Man fans have speculated, since then, that between Tom Holland and Zendaya had more than a friendship. However, whenever they had the opportunity, the actors were in charge of denying it outright, although this year things have changed. A few months ago they were discovered kissing in a car while waiting for a stoplight on the streets of Los Angeles.

And, as much as neither of them spoke about it, after those images spread by Page Six they did not hide again. In fact, they were once again seen enjoying all kinds of dates and even a wedding to which they were invited together. However, what most excited the fans was the tender birthday greeting that Holland sent to Zendaya.

The photo with which Tom Holland greeted Zendaya.

Although now they reconfirmed their love. It is that, despite the fact that they do not give statements about how their relationship is moving, the networks are proof that they are better than ever. This is due to the last post you made Tom Holland on Instagram and in which her comment could not be missed.

In the clouds”Wrote the actor to define a postcard in which he is seen jumping on a diving board over a swimming pool. For fans these words were taken as his current feelings when being in love. But, this theory was reaffirmed when her comment arrived, which already has more than 170,000 likes.

With a simple emoji of stars in the sky, Zendaya revolutionized all the followers of Tomdaya, the name that was given to their courtship. So, even if there are no statements from them about what their relationship situation is, it is evident that they are closer together than ever.


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