Tom Holland: Bad Reviews Deliver a Devastating Blow, Admits Actor

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The Crowded Room: Tom Holland says bad reviews were a ‘kick in the teeth’

It’s well known that not many creatives have the patience to seek criticism. Many of them even refuse to read them. That is not the case of Tom Holland, as the British actor has acknowledged that he was hurt by the negative comments received by his new series, The Crowded Room (13%). Although he tries to stay positive, he admits that it is not a title that the press has liked almost at all.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor Tom Holland was asked about the negative response to The Crowded Room. He admits that he is aware of how fierce they have been to the show, but reveals that he tries to focus on the positive ones. And he has respect for everyone who expressed his point of view on his latest work.

“It was a kick in the teeth. Looking at the reviews and reading them cover to cover, I realized, ‘Wow, those are bad reviews.’ Sometimes they offer some kind of claim, but there was none of that. There will be some that are good, for sure. I try to have a healthy relationship with expectations and all that kind of stuff and respect everyone’s opinion.”

The Crowded Room (13%)

The Crowded Room (13%) is the story of Danny (Holland), a troubled young man who is arrested after being involved in a shooting. However, the events that led him to become involved in that crime are narrated by him to the detective in charge of the case. Since the facts don’t add up to his version, little by little, the official eventually stumbles upon a secret that explains how it all fits together.

Criticism has been brutal with this original Apple TV Plus show. And it’s just the actor’s latest project to be battered by reviews. Outside of his projects with Marvel, and a couple of other exceptions, Holland hasn’t managed to star in a project that becomes a phenomenon. Even when his performance is usually one of the most salvageable of the productions in which he has participated.

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Fortunately for Holland, there is still room for him to be Spider-Man for a while longer. A fourth film featuring him as the wall-crawler is known to have been in development before the writers’ strike. Although at the moment there is nothing left to do but wait for another project to join, it is comforting to know that he has the ability to accept criticism of his work.

The Crowded Room is now available on Apple TV Plus. Despite the criticism, do not underestimate the platform, as it will gain attention towards the end of the year with at least two important releases: Killers of the Flower Moon (100%), the new Martin Scorsese, and Napoleon, the new collaboration between Ridley Scoot and Joaquin Phoenix.

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