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Tom Holland begins to say goodbye: Marvel has already replaced him as Spider-Man

Tom Holland begins to say goodbye: Marvel has already replaced him as Spider-Man

Since he put on the suit Spider-Man, Tom Holland became one of the fan-favorite performers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are currently waiting for “No Way Home”, the third film of the superhero within the franchise, and what it can be the actor’s last participation as Peter Parker, as the studio found him a replacement for a nearby project.

In 2016 he surprised fans of the MCU when he made his first appearance as the character in Captain America: Civil War. The following year he received his first solo feature film, showing a completely different stage of Spidey which we saw with the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield covers. Then he was in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Far From Home and the following will be No Way Home.

As fans know, what’s next for Marvel is the animated series What If…?, which can be seen exclusively on the platform Disney+. There we have several actors who lent their voice to his figure, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Don Cheadle, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan, among others, but Holland is not included to play Parker once again, so he will be replaced by another actor.

This is because Your contractual situation with Sony and Marvel will come to an end after “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, since it only signed for three films and no other production. The truth is that there seems to be no return on this, since Tom said that once the promotion of his film is over, his greatest wish is to go home to England and enjoy time with his family.

“It is the first time since I signed with Spider-Man that I do not have a contract with anyone, I will be able to go skiing, which is something that they would not let me do since it is a dangerous sport”, he said at the time. And he added: “I’ll go home and see where the wind takes me”. It’s certainly something MCU fans don’t want to hear, but it’s the harsh reality: Tom Holland will stop being Peter Parker and at the moment there are no indications of a renewal of the role.


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