Tom Holland criticized Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman: does the spiderverse fall?

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There are exactly 16 weeks until Tom Holland put himself back in the shoes of Peter Parker in Spiderman: no way home. On December 17th, cinemas around the world will premiere the actor’s latest film at Marvel. And, just as it happened with Black Widow, this production became one of the most anticipated of the franchise due to the possibility of a Spiderverse.

As it transpired, since it was known that Tom Holland began with the filming of this tape, his predecessors could be part of it. That is, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are highly anticipated as participants in this film. However, it has been several months since the three protagonists of this rumor were in charge of denying a joint work. In addition, their absence in the recently released trailer threw down the idea of ​​seeing them together.

But now, a new statement from Tom could further ruin this possible spiderverse. Is that, in the book The Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Studios: Spiderman, which will go on sale in November, British actor criticized Andrew Garfield’s character. Although, in the first instance, he talked about the superhero’s cobweb throwers that they both interpreted: “The old cobweb throwers were very cool. They were really big, thick and very mechanical because if you pressed the button everything would move“, said.

Tom Holland throws them cobwebs. Photo: (IMDB)

However, it was later when he made statements about the device that Garfield used in his films and gave his point of view criticizing it. “What I like about their original web throwers is that they are as real as they could be. I know that it is impossible to create a thing that shoots webs from your hand, but the thing about Andrew’s films is that they were very small and compact and they didn’t make much sense to me.”Were his words.

Andrew Garfield como Spiderman. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Andrew Garfield como Spiderman. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

With these sayings, it’s the second time Tom Holland he is forced to talk about Andrew. The first was during an interview in which he was consulted about the spiderverse and the participation of the previous Spiderman. “It would be amazing if they were in the movie because they haven’t told me anything yet and I’m Spiderman, I’ve read the script from beginning to end. So it would be a miracle if they could hide that from me”He said at the time.

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