Tom Holland doesn’t look like Spider-Man at 30 and suggests a Miles Morales movie

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Tom Holland he is one of the fashionable actors; And it is that beyond co-starring in several films in recent years, he is one of the most popular names in current blockbuster cinema. So much so, that recently we were able to enjoy the first trailer of the first film in the saga Uncharted playing Nathan Drake and will soon release his latest film as Marvel’s arachnid superhero with Spider-Man: No Way Home after several years playing the character. But how long will Tom Holland be Spider-Man? The actor seems to have it clear at 25 years of age.

The future of Spider-Man and Miles Morales in the cinema

The actor has opened up in a recent interview with the magazine GQ, where he has commented that he is not seen playing Spider-Man beyond 30 yearsas he apparently doesn’t have much interest in exploring a more mature Peter Parker. Recall that so far the youngest version of Spidey has been shown in the UCM, although the passage of time is also noticeable in the way the character is interpreted.

“Maybe it’s time to move on. Perhaps the best thing for Spider-Man is make a Miles Morales movie. I have to keep Peter Parker in mind too, because he’s an important part of my life … If I play Spider-Man after I’m 30, something I have done something”, Assures the actor. And we remember that Holland has been Spider-Man in the cinema for 6 years since his sounded debut in 2016 in Captain America: Civil War.

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Despite this, Sony Pictures are still very interested in Holland continuing with the role as long as possible; so much so, that his idea from the beginning was to explore the life of Peter Parker throughout the years, from his youth to his maturity. Amy Pascal Sony is clear: “I’ve talked to him about making, like 100 more. I’m never going to make Spider-Man movies without him. “

At the moment, not even Holland himself knows if he will continue as Spider-Man in the UCM for possible new films, although everything indicates that, at least, he will have one new trilogy and participation in other crossover movies.

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