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Tom Holland gave signs of his relationship with Zendaya long before confirming it

The last movements of Tom Holland and Zendaya touched all their fans. After the leak of their images kissing in the streets of Los Angeles, the actors stopped hiding and each day that passes they continue to show a tender affection on the networks. In fact, the last to shout his love from the rooftops was the interpreter of Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

Dune“, wrote Tom Holland on her Instagram account along with a photograph in which Zendaya is seen at the premiere of the film in which she stars alongside Timothée Chalamet. And, before this message dedicated to her partner, she did not hesitate to respond and show him how excited she was for his publication. Now, the big question that arises around them is how long have they been together?

Since the first photographs were known together, neither came out to give statements about it. All they did to confirm their bond was stop hiding. However, it should be noted that Holland has been signaling his intentions regarding his Spider-Man partner for a long time.

Holland and Zendaya have been the target of romance rumors for years. The chemistry they conveyed in the Spider-Man movies was reason enough for fans to believe in their relationship. But, the actors denied it more than once, claiming that they were, until then, just friends. Although, yes, their friendship did not prevent them from sharing clothes with each other.

Several photos, discovered by fans, showed Tom wearing her jackets, while she used his several times. And, although this could have been a symbol of their friendship, the truth is that a viral photo that the Briton uploaded in 2019 says the opposite.

On your Instagram account Tom Holland He announced that he was returning to work with a photograph in which he was very comfortable wearing his now-girlfriend’s leather jacket. Furthermore, on more than one occasion, Zendaya was also seen wearing her partner’s clothes long before confirming their relationship. That is to say, now the question that arises is, was it just a coincidence or were they giving a signal? Well, it will never be known, at least until they make statements about it.

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