Tom Holland has a new project with his great love and it is not Zendaya

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In recent years, the fame of Tom Holland it grew more and more. His time at Marvel playing the young and apparently last Spiderman launched him into the world as one of the most beloved Peter Parker. That’s why your last movie with the red suit, Spiderman: no way home became one of the most anticipated of phase 4 of the MCU.

Although, the wait for this film grew when, less than two months ago, Page Six confirmed that Tom Holland and her co-star, Zendaya, were in a relationship. The portal discovered the actors leaving her house and then kissing while waiting for a traffic light on the streets of Los Angeles. So much so that this news drove thousands of fans crazy who had been waiting to see them together since 2016.

However, despite the fact that their relationship is more than confirmed, since they were later seen on several dates, it now seems that Holland betrayed his great love. On some occasion, the British-born interpreter confessed that Zendaya was always his famous crush, but now everything has changed.

It is that, in addition to Zendaya and her family, Tom has another very deep love for his dog, Tessa. This Bull Terrier who came into the artist’s life to change everything is already well known to his fans since he usually accompanies him to different events. Although, this time, it went much further because they just launched a project together!

Tom Holland and Tessa. Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

It is about the “Bros Trust Dogs Collar”, Some collars for dogs that Holland launched through The Brothers Trust, the solidarity association that he formed with his family. According to what he announced in his Instagram post, the proceeds from this project will go directly to Kenya to collaborate with the children who have the least.

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In the video that she published, in addition to announcing the solidarity goals of her new campaign, Tessa is the main protagonist. He is not only seen playing, but also enjoying the food and the comfort of his collar which, as reported Tom Holland, it comes in different colors.


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