Tom Holland is a fan of a Marvel actress and is not Zendaya

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Since their romance was confirmed, Tom Holland and Zendaya are the two most wanted personalities by the paparazzi. Although none of the actors spoke about the kissing photos that Page Six published, they were seen more than once together enjoying different dates, something that, of course, increased the rumors that the protagonist of Spiderman and MJ are a couple in the real life.

And, for more than Tom Holland and Zendaya continue without making any reference to the postcards, the fans flooded the networks with happiness when seeing them together since, since the first Spiderman movie, released in 2017, they transmitted an unmatched chemistry. In fact, more than once, the interpreters have had to clarify that, at that time, they were just friends.

Tom Holland and Zendaya have denied their love more than once. Photo: (Getty)

But, beyond the fact that, apparently, the love between Holland and Zendaya is greater than they themselves imagined, there are already third parties in discord in the couple. On the one hand, there is another actor who confirmed to have been captivated by the former Disney star since he worked with her in 2017 and, now, it has become known that he is a fan of a Marvel actress and, precisely, it is not about his possible girlfriend .

According to what Tom himself confirmed, he is a super fan of Elizabeth Olsen, who gives life to Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. In an interview with Collider, the son of the legendary Dominic Holland, he even said: “I was very obsessed with WandaVision. It was very difficult because obviously I’m on a Marvel set and all the producers are there, so I could have walked up to Kevin Feige and said, ‘So what’s up? What’s going on? ´ It’s really hard for me not to ask questions that I need answers to, but I love it”.

Elizabeth Olsen and WandaVision.  Photo: (Disney +)

Elizabeth Olsen and WandaVision. Photo: (Disney +)

Although, as if this were not enough, he decided to reaffirm his love for Wanda by saying: “It’s what I like the most about Marvel. I love it, I love it”. That is, for more than Tom Holland is, it seems, very in love with Zendaya, whom he considers his famous crush since 2017, not for that she is his favorite Marvel actress, but it is Elizabeth Olsen who takes all the praise of the British.


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