Tom Holland, serial spoiler, and a mysterious message about Spider-Man 3?

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Tom Holland. Profession? Actor. He is also known worldwide as the interpreter of Peter Parker / Spider-Man. But there is another facet in the life of this young man, which he knew how to cultivate as he participated in projects where secrets must be kept under seven keys and special contracts. The interpreter is a true “spoileador” serial. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe It is where it best shows it.

There were many opportunities in which the talented Holland could not keep his mouth shut and advanced facts that should remain secret until the premiere of the film in question. For example, the time he talked about the lake scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he told how his stunt double got wet at that location.

A true serial spoiler

Mysterious message. Photo: @ tomholland2013.

Historical? The time he mistakenly showed the poster of Avengers: Infinity War. After unfolding the piece in front of the camera, he realized that it came with a letter that clearly read “Confidential. Do not share”. A blooper that in addition to showing the poster ahead of time surely caused a lot of laughter in the public. Not so much in those responsible for the marketing campaign of the tape.

Another remembered case was when in an Instagram video he said he did not know much about the second installment of Spider-Man and at that very moment he showed a tablet in which the title could be clearly seen Far From Home. Careless, good old Tom. Currently, those responsible for Spider-Man: No Way Home They have it quite controlled, but the young man continues to show his desire to talk about the film.

In a story From the same social network, Holland shared a mysterious message: “You are not ready!” Surely the interpreter is dying to continue with his tradition and spoilear some scene from the new film. Until the SpiderVerse is confirmed! The truth is that the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home leaked yesterday and this time Tom Holland it had nothing to do with it. Innocent until proven otherwise!

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